What is a DMF?

The Rural Discovery Destination Marketing Fund recognizes the need to competitively market the range of attraction that each property that participates has to offer.  There are numerous cities in Canada and the USA that have introduced a DMF levy to increase funding to market there cities: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Washington, Chicago, New York City that have had dedicated funding mechanism in place for years.

Properties voluntarily participate in the program by adding a 3% fee to their room sales and contribute it to DMF.  The initial focus for the program is to increase and diversify year round tourism in communities which support the funding of the DMF.


What is a Destination Marketing Fee?

    • In this case, all of the hotel properties owned by member properties will add and additional 3% to the room sales to be used to broaden the excising marketing of the Peace Country as a tourism destination.
    • DMF’s are quite familiar in larger tourism oriented cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York City, and Chicago.


Who will collect the fund?

    • The Destination Marketing Fee will be collected through the Rural Development Destination Marketing Fund (RDDMF). Funds from the DMF will be used for community marking to promote the Peace Country.


Do I have to pay the DMF?

    • Yes. The DMF is a required payment.


I am a native Canadian with tax exempt status.  Do I have to pay the DMF’S?

    • Yes. This is not a tax.  It is a fee therefore tax –exempt status is not relevant.


Why is the hotel property charging me a fee to market itself?

    • Funds raised through the DMF are used to promote the Peace Country area’s as a tourist destination and increase community endeavors.